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  • About Kathy

    In my home office

    I am so happy to be in my home office instead of a corporate office.

    Hello, my name is Kathy Sammons.

    I am originally from Colorado where I spent my first 18 years.  I grew up on an apple farm where I enjoyed working with my Dad in the summer months, driving tractors, irrigating and planting new trees.  In the winter we enjoyed the sports of the season.

    In Cedaredge, my home town, there were only about 1000 people.  Being in an area that got a lot of snow, most people enjoyed either skiing or snowmobiling.  Our family had snowmobiles and we spent almost every weekend on Grand Mesa in a cabin.

    Imagine us loading up the truck with all of our equipment and pulling a trailer with our snow machines up from 6100 ft. above sea level to about 8500 ft.  We unloaded, took some of our things over to the cabin and then started riding.  We would go out on lakes and race, go on a trail ride, stop and eat lunch, and then at night we would go riding again.

    When on a trail ride, after sometime, we would stop to check in with everyone.  It was during this time that we would had some great fun.  We would see who could get their snow machine the highest up a steep hill before it got bogged down, watch and laugh at each other as we got stuck and just enjoy the time together.  Riding at night, when the moon was full, was my favorite time.

    There was something special about night time riding, it created a unique opportunity to see the world in all of its night time glory.  During one of the stops, being bundled up to ward off the cold, we would lay on the snowy ground, look up, and at 8500 ft above sea level we could see millions of stars.  With our ears still humming from the noise of the snow machines, looking out at the moon lit sky with all of those stars and seeing snow crystals in the air, we were in the most peaceful existence imaginable.  The warmth generated from our bodies and our breath collecting under the face masks of our helmets created a warm cocoon to view the beauty of the sparkling snow and the sparkling stars.  Trees surrounded the open field of snow acting as an accent to the scene. There we would all lay and just take in the view that only God could have made.  That is how I spent my winters.

    When I was 18 I moved to Santa Cruz, CA where I lived for almost a year. I had always dreamed of going to California as a kid and I was determined to get there. Now that I was there, I realized how hard it was to actually live on my own and pay my own bills. I remembered what my Mother had told me, “I cannot keep you from going, but you need to know that it will not be as easy as you think.” At that point my Mother was getting wiser and wiser!!!

    Within ten years I had lived in California, South Carolina, Georgia, Missouri and New York and at each step, yes, my mother was a wise women! But what a great educational experience that led me to where I am today. To the new technologically enhanced world, where new markets are being developed and new ways of reaching them abound. It is here and now that I feel most equipped to make a difference.

    Living in St. Louis, MO I am currently an internet marketer and coach.  I used to market off-line but found that I was much more successful using a system that was developed by one of the top producers in internet marketing industry.

    My past endeavors include, Market Research and Real Estate Appraising. I am married and have two teen aged daughters. It is my intent to help consumers get and stay out of debt, and in the process pass that knowledge on to their kids, to change the debt driven mentality that grips our nation today.

    As I mentioned before, to market my online business I use  an MLM lead generation system and teach others to do the same.  This system has been such an amazing improvement to the MLM online industry that it is creating success where people have struggled for years.  I believe in attraction marketing and use providence as my guide.  It is with these tools that I am moving forward and building what will one day be one of the many successful online businesses.

    Happy Trails






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