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  • Different Buying Personalities

    Posted on Timeless Kathy Sammons 16 comments

    There are many considerations to think about when you are marketing and selling.  It does not matter if you are doing this in a brick and mortar operation or an online business.  A major consideration is the buying personalities of your target market.

    It is important in any sales situation to be able to figure out which category your potential client is in.  There are five categories, as well as many sub categories, but I am only going to talk about the top five.

    The first one is the apathetic buyer.  This person is completely negative and it does not matter what you say or do they are not going to buy.  It is best to figure this one out early, and politely excuse yourself from their presence as soon as possible, no need to waste your time!

    The analytical buyer is… all about the details.  They like to know exactly how it all works.  They want to know everything and they are not concerned with the amount of time that you have to spend telling them.  If your product is more nuanced it is going to be very difficult to sell to them.  However, if your product is based on facts and figures then you are in luck!

    Another buying personality is the emotional, relationship-oriented buyer.  They are more concerned about what other people’s reaction to the product is.  They want to know how it is going to effect others, as well as themselves.  They want to make sure that this purchase will not have a negative effect on the people around them.  They are very interested in testimonials, so make sure you have those available.

    Then there is the entrepreneurial, practical and task focused buyer, they just want the bottom line.  How is this product going to benefit me, just give me the facts, that is all they want.  If you can show them the main benefit directly they will probably buy on the spot.

    Finally is the self-actualizing buyer who knows exactly what they want and what they want to pay.  They are usually already looking for that product and if you have it, they are gong to buy.  We all wish we could see more of these I am sure!

    It is a learned skill to be able to figure out which one of the different buying personalities your potential client has.  You can not sell all people the same way and the sooner you figure that out the more sales you will be able to make.  This is done through asking questions.  The first part of your sales presentation should be focused on these questions and figuring out what type of buyer they are and what, if any, emotional hot buttons they have.

    With the exception of the analytical buyer, the buying decision is an emotional one.  Spending the time to make sure they know that your product has the highest quality on the market, without making an emotional connection is a waste of time and effort.  Focus on asking them questions and creating an emotional connection, and you will be on your way to closing all the sales you want.

    Happy trails…..

    Happy sales…..

    Kathy Sammons


    Let me know if this was helpful or just share your opinion.  Tweet it to your followers and help them understand the different buying personalities.


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    • Anonymous

      Awesome…Understanding why people buy is the essence of what marketing is about. When you understand and practice the buying personalities you can conquer your businesss. rnrnGreat Post.rnrnJeff Mitchell

    • Anonymous

      Hey Kathy,nExcellent analysis of potential buyers. I have never seen a list like you have put together. When the marketers take the time to understand what makes each customer tick, they will know what approach to take to get the customer to make their purchase. nnGreat post for all of the marketers in the world. Thanks for sharing.nnTo Your Continued Success,nBill

    • http://JohnStoneBlog.com John Stone

      Excellent article! Reading the post I found that I fall into the entrepreneurial category, I like to jump in and figure out the details along the way.

      Drop Cards

    • http://LinusRuzicka.com/ Linus Ruzicka

      Kathy,nnGreat breakdown here. This is key in knowing your prospects and lead when you’re talking to them.nnIf you can figure out their personality type as you’re talking to them, and tailor your conversation to their type, then you hav ea greater chance of closing the sale.nnI think this process is always a work in process.nnGod Bless,nnLinus Ruzicka

    • http://www.cassiestromlive.com cassiestrom

      Hey Kathy,
      knowing your client and what they're basing their decisions on will save a lot of time and frustration for sure.
      Great post :)
      - Cassie

    • http://www.Bertmcclure.com/ Bert

      You are absolutely correct Kathy,

      When I was in the insurance sales business, that was a big part of our training.
      And the best way to figure out the personality of a buyer is to ask questions.

      If we can master this task, we are we ahead of the game and will close more sales.


    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Thanks for coming by, I look forward to any other sales training you can shoot our way. I appreciate you coming by,

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Thanks Cassie, I am such a fan of yours and I am glad that you came over to visit.

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      I am more the self-actualizing buyer because I hate to shop. If I want something I just make up my mind where I am going to get it, go there, get it and I am done… :) LOL

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Thanks Linus, I learned this from Brain Tracy, a great sales person.

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      The more I do this the better I am at figuring out which category that they fall in. It is a matter of asking questions and leading them to expose what they are really thinking.

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Thanks for coming by Jeff, I appreciate your comments.

    • bobhoward

      This is great information. You must know where each person you talk to is coming from and if you can determine which group they fall into quickly you can steer the conversation in the direction that will yield the best results.


    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Bob thanks for your comment. Asking questions probing questions has really helped me in this area. I appreciate your time and effort.

    • http://meetyole.com Yo Le


      WOW! This is a great post! I wish I would of ready this sooner. It's good to know what factors come into play when people make decisions to buy. Keep up the great content! ;)


      - Yo

    • http://www.KathySammons.com admin

      Sales can be very simple yet there are many aspects to consider when you are dealing with so many different kind of people.
      Thanks for stopping by and your message.