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  • Duplicatable System

    Posted on Timeless Kathy Sammons 12 comments

    How many times have you heard that in the MLM industry that you have to have a duplicatable system?  This will ensure that you can train your new recruits the best way to build their business.  We assume that everyone should be able to build a business the way we have.

    Well, I am now of the opinion that it is not so much about having a duplicatable system, as it is … about having a variety of different marketing methods available for your new recruit to choose from.  The duplicatable system assumes that we are all good at the same things and we all learn in the same manner.

    So, a multifaceted system would seem like a better choice.  This system should have a wide variety of marketing methods.  If you choose to market online there is a plethora of methods to choose from.  You may be good at writing, so article marketing is a good choice.  If you are good at speaking then you can use YouTube to do your presentations and get your message out.  There is a method for every person out here.  More important than duplicating your system, is to help your new recruits figure out that they want to do in a short amount of time and then make sure that they stay focused on it until it works for them.  If you are going to do article marketing you cannot give up after you put out a couple of articles and do not get any leads.  It is about consistency and long term effort.  It will pay off down the road and for a long time to come.

    I am not sure why it is such a mantra in this industry because of all the big successful groups out there, they all did it differently.  So, why should we think that we have to all do it the same.  The important thing is to get going right away and stay committed to what you choose.

    To your success,

    Kathy Sammons


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    • Robert Cadle


      More and more, people are returning to olde tyme salesmanship and marketing, formally known as belly to belly.

      Can you do that on line? Again, more and more tech stuff allows the next best thing.

      In addition, top marketers are beginning to say:

      Hey, there’s this thing called OFFLINE.

      Sure is, and was. We built to the top producer’s club in Herbalife way back before you were born, and before the media hit took away our “on the way to a million” all those many years ago.

      I am desperate to get AWAY from this prison called “two Dell monitors staring at me 18/7.

      GOD bless you.


    • admin

      I understand what you are saying. In the long run you still have to develop a relationship with people whether it is belly to belly or phone to phone.

      OffLine sales has always been there and will always be there, it just depends on what you are good at.

      I hope you find what fits best with you and that you continue to have success.

      Blessing to you also,


    • Anonymous


      You said it best:

      “More important than duplicating your system, is to help your new recruits figure out that they want to do in a short amount of time and then make sure that they stay focused on it until it works for them.”

      That is the key to any great leader. As I tell my entire team – you need to be constantly consistent.

      Jim Rohn said it best, (of course I will paraphrase here): Imagine your dream/goal, realize that you can reach that goal, and most important of all – go out and be consistent in your actions to reach that goal.

      That is the key to success.

      If you simply “part-time” everything – you will receive part time pay – or less. Be constant on a daily basis week by week, month by month. I will state it again – that is the KEY to success.


    • Carlos


      I have to agree with you this business is about “consistency and long term effort”.Awesome post……

    • Jeff Mitchell

      Easily said…”Different Strokes for Different Folks.” Everyone is completely different with different ways of learning and different talents. You ahve to be able to find the strengths of your new members and teach them how to let that shine brighter than their weaknesses or inabilities.

      Jeff Mitchell

    • John Stone


      Great Post. You do need a marketing mix and should know a little about both on line and off line marketing. It gives your new team members choices and to figure out what works best for them.

      John Stone
      Generate Traffic

    • Bill

      Hey Kathy,
      Your post here is the post of a leader. Inactivity kills many marketing programs but few people will blame their own inaction for the cause of their failure. You have to do “something”.

      You make an excellent point when you state that you have to use what works. Everyone learns differently just as everyone has a preferred method of learning. Great job at making that comparison.

      To Your Continued Success,

    • Bert


      Why re-create the wheel I always say? Duplication is what it’s all about in this industry.

      Also consistency is something people just don’t understand. Hopefully your post will get into
      hands of all the marketers wondering why they are not having success.


    • Zack@mlmmassiveaction.com

      “The money isn’t in the list – it’s in the email that you send to the list” and the same holds true in the world of having a System…systems have components and strategies.

      In so many cases MLM’ers are a One Hit Wonder Marketer. By this I mean they discover some new affiliate and promote it once, and onto the next company and product.

      A real TEAM is about having that system, like you said above Kathy, that provides many resources to fit th needs of the TEAM.

      Thanks for your blog post…a lot!

    • http://meetyole.com Yo Le

      Hey Kathy,

      I think Duplication is a Crock of you know what…It all comes down to what your core competency is and there is more then one way to skin a cat.

      When it’s all said and done with…You need a way to get more people to talk to and expose them to valuable info and show the plan however you can.

      Couple recommendations I have your you Kathy…I would install the tweetmeme plugin and use a different commenting system. I recommend disqus or atleast a system that is gonna reward people for interacting with your content. Just a few things that I think will help you.

      - Yo

    • Nathan McClure

      It will take different strategies until you unlock your personal marketing strengths

      Nathan McClure

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Your are right many of us do not even know what are strengths until we start something like this and uncover them.