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  • Lyf Brands, A Way Different Network Marketing Company

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    I was talking to my business partner, Dotti Berry, and she was telling me about a call that she had with John Busswood, who is in direct line to the master distributor with Lyf Brands.

    He says:

    We truly have a tiger by the tail and you are at the very beginning of an iconic company and an iconic brand – LYF! Michael Han gave some hints about a product that:

    * Has immediate effects
    * Is immediately understood
    * You can demonstrate in 3 seconds
    * Every man, woman, and child needs
    * Is universal and global

    The good news?

    * LYF owns the Worldwide rights to this product!

    Michael privately told the LYF Founders Circle that there will only be one of two questions about this product:

    * How do I buy it now?
    * How do I sign up with LYF?

    The May 3rd call ended with a short, great story by Master LYF Coach Michael Kelly.

    Cut down a tree with a knife and it will take you 30 days.
    Cut down a tree with an ax and it will take your 3 hours.
    Cut down a tree with a chain saw and it will take you 3 minutes.

    Having the right tool and knowing how to use the tool is your key to success!

    LYF is the business tool …Leveraging is the “how” of using LYF to allow us to achieve our goals in record setting time. We will experience a paradigm shift in network marketing with LYF!

    LYF literally takes the network marketing industry to an entirely new level.

    Do yourself a favor and just listen to a few of the calls, you will shortly start to see the difference. I am not even asking you to sign up, just listen to the calls.

    Have you ever see a network marketing company with a pension plan? Lyf has one.

    Have you ever seen a compensation plan that you can actually understand the first time you read it?

    The founder Michael Han says we are not on separate teams, we are all on one team! I like that!!!

    International? You bet right away!

    Listen at:

    Code: 23695#

    It is standard now that calls are each Monday and Wednesday at 6 p.m. PST and Friday at 4 p.m. PST.

    For more information go to:


    Take this road and travel with me.





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