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  • Mobile Business Card

    Posted on Timeless Kathy Sammons 1 comment

    The business card has been around since the 1600′s and it has pretty much been the same for all of these years.  Sure with the advent  of the computer and better printing the card did evolve to a more elaborate display.  Then, as the internet has expanded and more and more people start doing business online it is only fitting that a genuine Internet business card be developed.

    Yes, we have places that have our information and you can get most of it from those sites but a person still has to take that info and record it in their contact manager, right?  Well, what if you had place that has the information and a way to put your email address to have a v-card sent to you that you just had to click and “click bang” you have all of their contact info placed in your contact manager!  Mobile business cards, ok that sounds pretty neat!

    If you are doing business off line and someone wants your contact info, the best possible solution would be to have them use their cell phone, request the information through SMS and “swish boom” they have your contact info downloaded into their phone.  But what about all of those paper business cards that you have sitting around waiting to be recorded so that you can get back to those people in an efficient manner?  What about all of those Rolodex container full of cards, are they going to be a thing of the past?  Yes, the future is mobile you just can’t ignore that.  Won’t that be great, you can have everything electronically recorded and saved at a click of a mouse.. Yeah!!!

    So, when someone asks me for my business card it goes something like this:

    They say, “hey, good to meet you.  Do you have a business card?”  I say, “Do you have a cell phone?”  with a smile… “seriously grab your phone and text coachk to 90210.”  When they do that their next response is wow, that’s cool!

    Introducing, the mCard:

    Text: coachk  To:90210

    iZigg Mobile Media

    Thanks for coming by,

    Kathy Sammons

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