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  • My First Blog Post

    Posted on Timeless Kathy Sammons 3 comments

    Well I have finally made it to my blog.  I love being able to share with people that I do not even know yet.  It would be great to inspire someone to make the most of their life no matter where they have come from, or what has happened to them in the past.  We all have a story, we all carry baggage.  However, it is all about what we do now that will make a difference in our tomorrow.  So, pick yourself up, wherever you are, and lets get this show on the road.

    Peace and Love always,




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    • http://www.wheelsofhealth.com Charles Haury

      Hello Kathy, I really enjoyed reading about you and how you grow up. Your life has been interesting and what you were able to accomplished has to be exciting. You are right about how our future now is more exciting because how equiped We have become through our Baggages that we Have Had to Carry. I’m so glad, we will be able to Help others UnderStand that the Baggage they are Carrying does not have to weigh them down, but there are always Stars that they can gaze at through the Night…..

      God Bless and Always Continue to Look UP!!!!!!!!!

    • admin

      Charles thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments. I will always continue to look up

    • http://twitter.com/anitamccants Anita

      Hi Kathy,
      Like you, my desire is to inspire others to
      make the most of their life. God bless you.