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  • My Journey In The MLM Industry

    Hello, I wanted to talk about my journey in the MLM industry and where I am today.

    I started in this industry in 2005.  I believed in this industry as a way to a better life, a better life that was not going to be realized by working an 8-5 job.  I also realized that I was just trading my time for money and saw that there was a better way.

    When I started, I was trained to market using sales techniques that are traditional for this industry.  I talked to my warm market, invited them to meetings and prayed they would show up.  I talked to my friends and family about what a great opportunity this was, and how it was going to change their lives.

    I was lucky enough to work with some really great companies along the way.  One was a wellness company that has a product that has really help a lot of people with health problems.  I could not image why everyone would not want to take this product.  I could tell them stories of how it was bringing people back from the brink of death, but they still did not see the value.  I could not understand why, but there I was struggling along trying to get people to join me in my mission, but they would not follow.

    Another great company that I am doing business with showed me how to pay my mortgage off in 1/2 the time.  Boy, if I could just show people how to pay off their debt, there would be no reason for them to not join me in this business.  This business was revolutionary, because they use advanced software to help my customers get out of debt and save thousands of dollars in interest.  But again, they could not see the light.

    So, there I was with 2 great companies.  But I was still making little headway in my marketing efforts.  This just was not making sense to me.

    I decided to try online marketing to promote my businesses, that is were I was exposed to MLM Lead System Pro.  If you have not heard of this or you have not heard of Mike Dillard then let me explain some very important marketing tips that I have learned.  I had been a student of Mike Dillard for sometime learning about attraction marketing, however, I was still working in the traditional manner not realizing what I was missing online.  I had not connected the dots that would help me do what I am doing today.

    The marketing tips that I learned focused on attraction marketing.  But the biggest realization was that I was not talking to the right people.  The people that I needed to be talking to were the people that were already in direct sales.  These people did not need to be convinced of the value of this industry, they were already in it.  They were actively seeking a better way to support themselves, so all I had to do was to provide them with what they needed to succeed.  Wow, that was a BIG aha moment.

    Well, that is where I am today, showing people how to succeed in this business where they once only found failure.  It has been quite a journey but as most stories go, it is all well worth the travel.

    Happy Trails,

    Kathy Sammons



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