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  • Success in Business – Move Towards Your Dream

    Posted on Timeless Kathy Sammons 37 comments

    Are you looking for Success In Business?

    Kathy Sammons

    Do you know that to find success in business all you have to do is:

    Move forward in a consistent manner on a consistent basis and

    Adjust when necessary?

    If you are not moving forward then the Universe or whatever energy you acknowledge can not reciprocate. The Bible tells us that we must ask, seek and knock.  If you don’t then nothing is going to happen.  Start moving and start moving now, if not then you may as well just call it quits.  Stop wasting your time and energy if you are not fully committed to your success, and remember words are cheap and actions are golden!

    A man lay on his bed at the end of his life waiting to die…

    His dream came to pay his last respects and bid farewell to the man who had never reached out to it.

    As it entered the room the man looked down in shame.

    “Why did you not realize me ?” the dream asked.

    “Because I was afraid,” the man said.

    “Afraid of what,” said the dream.

    “I was afraid I would fail.”

    “But haven’t you failed by not attempting to use me?”

    “Yes I did, but I always thought there would be a tomorrow.”

    “You Fool!” said the dream, “Did it never occur to you that there was only ever today, the moment that you are in right now? Do you think that now that death is here that you can put it off until tomorrow?”

    “No”. said the man, a tear gently rolling down his cheek.

    The dream was softer now, because it knew that there were two types of pain, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret, and while discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs pounds.

    Then the dream leaned forward to gently wipe away the tear and said, “You need only have taken the first step and I would have taken one to meet you, for the only thing that ever separated us was the belief in your mind that you couldn’t have me.”

    Then they said goodbye and they both slipped away…

    Author Unknown.

    Remember there is no other time but now!!

    To your success,

    Kathy Sammons


    • http://www.invisibleheartstrings.com Debbie@Invisible Heartstrings

      This is so true. And you don’t even have to take a step in the right direction. The Universe auto-corrects. Thank you for a beautiful story.

    • Anonymous


      The feeling or thought of failure is a fear most people have with business. Starting any business can be a risk, especially in the traditional offline world. Talk to any local small business owner. In an online setting the fear is usually centered around knowledge and skills. Most online businesses do not require the high start up cost that an offline business faces.

      Regardless which world you choose to do business, online or offline… taking steps as you say is all that is needed. Continue taking steps….

      Mike Sweeney

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Thank so much for coming by. Yes fear can derail us very quickly and stops us from moving forward.
      My goal is to walk through the fear and into freedom.

      Like you said keep taking those steps,


    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      You are welcome and thanks for coming by.


    • http://wflewelling.com Willena Flewelling

      One of my former pastors used to say, “Live each day as if it were your last.” I don’t think that is possible. If I knew today would be my last day on the earth, it would be too intense… I couldn’t keep that up on a daily basis. But this incredibly sad story does a lot to illustrate what the pastor meant.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Willena Flewelling

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Thanks for coming by, I agree with you I could not live like this was my last day.
      However I am surely not going to do something today that would ruin my chance for salvation if I were to die today… :)

    • http://twitter.com/eldonbeard Eldon Beard

      This part stood out to me:

      “there were two types of pain, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret, and while discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs pounds”

      Never thought of it like that, but it makes sense, discipline yourself now and “get it done” or face the heavier burden of regretting it later. Like this!

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      I like that statement too. Some times you just feel like throwing in the towel, but giving up is not an option.

      Thanks for your thoughts,


    • http://profiles.google.com/rhlelchuk Rick Lelchuk

       Kathy, what a touching story and so poignant. I don’t know why but the quote from Robert F. Kennedy comes to mind, “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” Nothing happens without action and action occurs in the moment. RICK

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      I love that quote! Thanks for sharing it with us. I also agree with you that action is the key, however, not thought of action, but true action in the MOMENT again and again.

      Take Care,

    • http://fitting-the-pieces.com Richard Goutal

       ”All you have to do is move forward and adjust as necessary.”  I know there is some good in the statement, but surely there is more. Surely this is not “all.” I can think of quite a few who do this but are not really going anywhere.  Yes even “adjusting.”  It’s a little like saying, “All you have to do to sail to Japan is launch your boat from Los Angeles, keep moving, and make adjustments.” Many ships would run out of fuel, or supplies before they even sighted land. Other components might include: knowledge, skills, correct tools correctly calibrated, ….  I understand the importance of vision, but I think the right balance makes all the difference.”All you have to do is move forward and adjust as necessary.”

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Those are great points! Within a statement there is always more that can be expressed and those statements no matter how much truth are in them are never able to stand up by themselves. Thanks for that reminder.

    • http://www.donnamerrilltribe.com Donna Merrill

      What a great impact this little story has.  I love the part where it says:  ” discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs pounds.”  I see so many people that live in the regret stage.  To me they are like the man in the story that never reached out for his dream out of fear.  There are so many people who live their lives like that.  They think that staying in a job will give them “security.”   They won’t even create a back door to follow their passion.   I talk to so many people and try to bring this exact point out.  I see their talent, their gifts and at the end of the day, fear holds them back.  I follow the old saying “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” which keeps me going.  I have been an entrepreneur for around 30 years.   I have “failed” at some businesses, but never considered it a failure, but instead, a learning lesson.  I have spent money to make money and didn’t but seen another open door and went through it.   In the end, I have raised my daughter, put her through college, own several properties and have my own business.  Disciple is what it takes.  But never give up my friends!Donna

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Thanks for the great insight into your life. You have done a lot and I appreciate you sharing it with us!! You are right about fear. The most recent quote I have heard about fear is from a movie “Peaceful Warrior”, I recommend it highly, the quote stated that when we feel fear we need to pull out our your sword and chop your mind to pieces for that is where fear comes from. We are trapped in our minds! It was designed to keep us alive, but now we do not live in a dangerous world with wild animals right around the corner. We need to get out of our heads and into our hearts!
      Take care and thanks again,


    • http://www.allegramsinclair.com/ Allegra Sinclair

      This is a sobering and inspiring post. Thanks for the great image which helped ease me into the lesson that success if not for the faint of heart. How heartbreaking to think that our dreams will go unfulfilled if we fear that first step. It reminds me of that quote about not leaving this earth with your song unsung. It’s encouraging to know that I don’t have to have everything figured out before I begin a big work–I just need to begin. Have a powerful day! Allegra

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Thanks for coming by. As other people have noted there is more to it than just taking that first step, however if we do not take that first step then we will not be going anywhere!


    • Debi Talbert

       Kathy – There is an old saying “the teacher appears when the student is ready”. I’ve been reading the book The Slight Edge the past of days. Your post here is right on target with the book . What really got me here in your post is “discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs pounds”. The times I feel the most weighed down in life is when I’ve made the decision to not follow the habits I know will bring me what I want. 

    • Dave Kotecki

      Hey Kathy,

      This is a good, but painful, post to read. So many people get their dreams beat out of them at a young age. If only people didn’t fear things that don’t exist. It’s like that quote (I forget who said it) but it goes like this: “My life has been full of tragedy, most of which never happened”.

      The majority of humanity are sheep. They believe that they’re independent thinkers and rebels, or whatever. But truthfully, it’s just conditioning that keeps them in lock-step with the program while fooling them into believing that they’re truly free.

    • http://www.justclowningaround.biz Chester Delameter


      Thanks for sharing this great story. I was afraid to follow my dream for a long time. Like the story says if you don’t try you have already failed. Once you really start it’s amazing how things fall into place. The right people start showing up.

      Have a Great Day

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      I am glad that you did not stop and continued to follow your dream. I continue also.
      Here’s to our dreams!!!


    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      I so agree with you about that quote and the weight of regret. So many of us know what to do… we just don’t do it. I for one do not want to feel that weight anymore!!!

      Kathy Sammons

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Wow I could not have said that better myself. We are not only sheep…. we are ASLEEP!
      Wake up people! (including myself) and begin to realize more and more that all of that talk in your head, is exactly that, just talk in your head. We think that what we think is the answer… but once we observe ourselves thinking… we begin to see the truth! Please ponder that.


    • http://www.inspiredgiftgiving.com Marquita Herald

      Interesting article, and I certainly agree with your comments about the importance of action as well as consistency. Thanks!

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Thanks for coming by.

      Kathy Sammons

    • Louise Steiner

      Kathy, what a powerful little story.  It really gets the message across that we just need to get started following our dream and the rest will follow.  I used to worry about planning out each step that I needed to take to reach my goals, but my time traveling in Africa taught me that I only needed to plan one step at a time and the rest would fall into  place.
      Thank you for sharing this.

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      I am glad for you that you got a chance to travel and grow along the way!! Good Job :)

      Thanks for coming by

    • http://neotrainingnetwork.com David H. Paul

      Hi Kathy,

      I love this post and the concepts in it. Sound a lot like “The Slight Edge” philosophy?

      When you said, “Stop wasting your time and energy if you are not fully committed to your success, and remember words are cheap and actions are golden! Even the smallest, seemingly insignificant actions, when done daily over the course of years, create a ripple effect that God cannot ignore.


      David H. Paul
      the Follow Your Bliss guy

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Great to hear from you David. I hope all is well with you.

      Take care,


    • http://stevedooleyinc.com Steve

      I love people who just take action.  That has always been my philosophy.  Have a huge dream and move toward it every day.  Sure you’ll screw up, but just readjust and keep moving forward….there is only today.

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Yes there is only today!!!


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    • http://joycepenner.info/biz-blogging Joyce Penner

      What a cool little story Kathy.  Thanks for sharing that. 

    • http://webmarketengine.com Jans Mendoza

      Excellent write up – awesome story.! It is extremely important for people to realize that they need to
      take action inorder to accomplish something and start their path towards
      success! As Nike said, Just Do it! Thanks for sharing Kathy.


    • Ben

      Great story Kathy.
      I believce that if you try you might fail. But you might also succeed.
      If you dont try, You will fail.
      So why not try and see what you can achieve
      Regards Ben

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Yes Nike has it nailed!!! I appreciate you comments.
      Take Care,

    • http://www.stevetheowl.com Steve Nicholas

      Great post, Kathy! You are so right about the importance of disciplines. Even if a business or other enterprise doesn’t work, isn’t it a lot better to live your life knowing you made your best effort than wonder what would happen how things would have been>

    • http://www.kathysammons.com/ Kathy Sammons

      Steve I agree with you. Sometimes you want to just throw in the towel and walk away but something in you just keeps you pushing and in the end it is that effort that pays off!

      Take Care,