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  • What is RSS Feed and how does it work?

    Posted on Kathy Sammons 47 comments

    This is a post that has been around for a little bit but I think it is still very valuable.  Let me know what you think?

    What is RSS Feed and how does it work?  That is a good question.  Many people have a basic understanding of what it is, however, they don’t know the best way to use it.

    Who uses feeds like this?  USA Today, BBC News, ABC New and on and on… so why not You.  This is a great way to ensure that people who are interested in you, stay interested in you.  You want to give them ample opportunities to subscribe so that you can be there for them when they are looking for some information or advice.

    Like wise, you want to subscribe to sources of information that keeps you informed without taking you hours to search and find it.

    The reason that you want people to follow your personal or business blog RSS is you want people to know who you are.  People join people that they know, like and trust.  What better way for them to get to that point than to be reading your blog.

    Click on my RSS Feed and keep connected to me! :)

    Happy Trails…..

    Kathy Sammons



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  • Social Networking Tools Part 2

    Posted on Kathy Sammons 19 comments

    In the sister post Social Networking Tools Part 1 there are some great tools for keeping abreast of your social networking sites in one organized platform.  Many of the tools allow you to do real time updating on the sites, as you see them.  That way, you can better monitor what is being said and can respond to it.  You can even direct them to one of the other sites where similar conversations are taking place, there by expanding your reach and theirs.  In this post you will find a very special tool for collecting and storing information.

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  • What is SEO?

    Posted on Kathy Sammons 13 comments

    Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of online marketing.  In an earlier post I talked about branding yourself online using a blog.  Well, if no one ever sees that blog then it is really not very helpful.  In addition to your blog, you need to have a webpage or capture page where you can send people to that contain the product or service that you are marketing.  Just as you want people to find your blog you also want people to find your marketing website.

    There are two ways to help people find your website through Google. … Read the rest of this entry »

  • My First Blog Post

    Posted on Kathy Sammons 3 comments

    Well I have finally made it to my blog.  I love being able to share with people that I do not even know yet.  It would be great to inspire someone to make the most of their life no matter where they have come from, or what has happened to them in the past.  We all have a story, we all carry baggage.  However, it is all about what we do now that will make a difference in our tomorrow.  So, pick yourself up, wherever you are, and lets get this show on the road.

    Peace and Love always,




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