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  • Different Buying Personalities

    Posted on Kathy Sammons 16 comments

    There are many considerations to think about when you are marketing and selling.  It does not matter if you are doing this in a brick and mortar operation or an online business.  A major consideration is the buying personalities of your target market.

    It is important in any sales situation to be able to figure out which category your potential client is in.  There are five categories, as well as many sub categories, but I am only going to talk about the top five.

    The first one is the apathetic buyer.  This person is completely negative and it does not matter what you say or do they are not going to buy.  It is best to figure this one out early, and politely excuse yourself from their presence as soon as possible, no need to waste your time!

    The analytical buyer is… Read the rest of this entry »