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  • What is peace?

    Posted on Kathy Sammons 26 comments

    What is Peace?  In this personal development post, the question is: Do we find peace, do we make peace or do we choose peace.  Well, in Matthew Ferry’s words:

    “Most people are concerned with two aspects of peace. Peace in the world and inner peace. Choosing peace in every aspect of life will simultaneously assist the world in achieving peace. In the end they are one in the same. When you choose peace, you declare yourself an agent of change. Choosing peace means letting go of pre-programmed negative reactions to the world like anger, resentment, righteousness, domination and retaliation. This commitment leads to the second type of peace.

    Inner peace is a quality of knowing that all is well in the world… Read the rest of this entry »

  • The Art of Manefesting – 4

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    So we have covered 3 of the 8 steps here is number 4.  Lets go back and refresh:

    1. Set an intention

    2. Keep doing what you are doing and play the contribution game.

    3. Forget about the “How”

    Stay tuned for The Rest of the Story…..

  • The Art of Manifesting – 3

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    Step 3 in the art of manifesting.  Do not underestimate this step, what appears to be simple is really a challenging  task.

    Try it you will see, but once you are aware of the occurrence of this fear or hindrance  you will be able to move forward to step 4.

  • The Art Of Manifesting – 1

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    Manifesting Step One

    To learn more about manifesting and get the next step keep checking this site.  I will be posting twice a week for 4 weeks.  Come on back and find out what had made such a difference in my life and business.

  • Personal Development 101

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    I just wanted to say hello and to share a little bit about my journey.  I have been in network marketing for about 4 years and I have the same story as most of us that have worked at developing a business.  This brings me to the main reason for this post.

    This industry is the best personal development tool on the planet.  You will find out things about yourself that you didn’t even want to know!  Those that are still in this process are the ones that faced those things about themselves that they did not always like, but pressed on.  The ones that do not stick it out, well I am not here to judge them.

    So, here we are, the strong and the resolute.  Along the way we have had help from many places.  I have read books, listened to cds, and participated in tele-seminars from several personal development gurus.  From each one I have learned something.  However, there is one that really stick out in my mind that I refer to often.  His name is Matthew Ferry.

    I will be sharing some of the techniques that I learned from him.  It is this sharing that I am giving back and yet being rewarded at the same time.  Wow, it is in giving that we gain!!  So check back to see what is here, and allow me to help you along the way.

    Happy Trails

    Kathy Sammons



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