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  • Video Marketing Tips

    Posted on Kathy Sammons 31 comments

    Video Marketing Tips

    These tips will help you get started in the right direction…

    The first thing you want is a plan of attack.  What is it that you are trying to get across to people with your videos.  Maybe you want to help people see why they should join your business opportunity, maybe you want to share some golden nugget of information that will make a difference in their business or their life, or maybe you want to do a series of how to videos.  Of all of these, how to videos will get the most hits because people are searching for help to learn new skills.  So make sure to include some of them in your video campaigns.

    Video Marketing Success

    1. Try to tell a story through your videos.  It could be a story of your success online or in your primary business.  Keep them engaged and don’t forget to tell them what you told them.

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