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  • The Miracle of Tithing, by Mark Victor Hansen

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    I have been in direct sales for 4 years and have spent most of that time off line.  As you will see in my video, I knew that direct marketing was a way of having a better life. Now I have a system online that I use to teach others that are struggling in this industry.

    I am helping them see that it is possible to have success in this industry.  I am not going to tell you that it is not about the money, because it is among other things, about the money.  I am OK with the fact that I am going to make money.  The reason that I am OK with that is, I know what my intentions are concerning that money.  I believe in tithing and all of the good that comes with that.  The more money I make the bigger difference I can make.

    For a good read on tithing and the miracles surrounding this practice click below:

    The Miracle of Tithing

    The Miracle Of  Tithing

    Happy trails,

    Kathy Sammons



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